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Entry Fee's

Street Legal Day -
                $40 Race
                $10 Spectator

Bracket Weekend -
Quick 16              $100
Top Eliminator      $80
Super Pro            $80
Pro ET                  $70
Sportsmen           $50
Trophy                 $40
Bikes/Sleds         $40
Test & Tune         $60
JR Dragster         $25
Jackpot                $80

Spectator (for Bracket Weekend) -
Adult 15+            $10
8 - 14                  $5
7 and under        Free

Scooters for Hooters -

Scooters for hooters is a breast cancer fundraiser run created by Jill Springer from U-Motors in Fargo, ND
During the event over 100 riders board there scooters and make a trip from U-Motors out here to the dragstrip were they make 1/8th mile run, enjoy food provided by Hooters of Fargo, and have a great time.

The entire event is a fund raiser for breast cancer.