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Entry Fee's

Street Legal Day -
                $40 Race
                $10 Spectator

Bracket Weekend -
Quick 16              $120
Super Series       $100
Super Pro            $80
Pro ET                  $70
Sportsmen           $50
Trophy                 $40
Trophy Street      $40
Motorcycles         $50
Test & Tune         $60
JR Dragster         $25
Jackpot                $80

Spectator (for Bracket Weekend) -
Adult 15+            $10
8 - 14                  $5
7 and under        Free

Track Rules

Please Note: All drivers and pit crews must read and sign insurance form at front gate. A pit wristband is required for access to restricted areas: advance staging, strip and return road. If under 18 years, you must have a minor release form signed by both of your parents on file with the office. Drivers are responsible for crew members and spectators. If anyone is caught without a band, their driver will be disqualified and will forfeit all prize money and awards for that event.

Vehicle Substitutions: As laid out in the NHRA rule book, section 2 (Race Procedures) page 4
In the event a participants vehicle breaks during time trials, that driver may replace the broken vehicle. However, once eliminations have started, NO vehicle substitutions will be allowed. Substitution must meet the fallowing conditions.
1-The original vehicle is withdrawn from competition and can not be reinstated.
2-Replacement vehicle can not have been utilized by any other contestant at the same event
3-Replacement vehicle must be fully certified and must pass technical inspection prior to continuation of competition
4-Driver must stay within original eliminator category and class entered (This also means the vehicle must be able to meet class               requirements for ET, Electronics, ETC.)
5-Checkout Runs for replacement vehicles are not available
6-Teams are limited to on replacement vehicle action per event.

9.99 Break-out when NOT a licensed driver:Any racer who is NOT licensed to run 9.99 of faster that wins his/her round by double break-out with a 9.99 or faster ET will be warned once as to running to fast. In the event that racer wins a second race with a double break out of 9.99 or faster they will be DQ'd and his/her opponent will be declared the winner. DQ'd racer will not forfeit any winnings he/she is entitled to.
Example - Racer A dials a 10.01, Racer B is dialed a 12.21. Both racers break out with racer a running a 9.98 and racer b running a 12.03. If first infraction racer a will be declared winner but will be warned they can run into the 9's again. If second infraction racer a will be disqualified and racer b will be declared the winner.

Race Vehicles stalling/Restart policy: In the event that a competitors vehicle fails to start upon being give instruction to move from the bottle neck/final staging area into the burnout box, he/she will be given 1 minute to start their vehicle and proceed to the burnout box. In the event a racers vehicle stalls after completing the burnout, he/she will be given 45 seconds to restart their vehicle. Failure to start in either situation within the aloud time will result in a competition bye for the other racer. Countdown will be done by highest ranking personnel at the starting line (Charlie fallowed by head starter fallowed by head of staging)

Motorized Vehicle Policy: All motorized vehicles are for race operations only, NO JOYRIDING, see NHRA Rule Book for specifics. Due to new insurance regulations, ALL Operators of Pit Motorized Vehicles must be at least 16 years old, and have a valid state required driving license. Vehicles must also be operated in a responsible manner and according to all additional Raceway regulations and instructions, including but not limited to posted speed limits, and hours of and allowed locations for operations.

Tires: All tires are/will be allowed on our track. However, there are a few restrictions. Slicks and Drag radials will be allowed to line up where ever the driver chooses to line his/her car up. All street tires WILL be "coned" (see description below), no exceptions.

A cone will be placed out in the inner groove of the lane directing the vehicle to move over slightly and out of the groove. This will be done to any vehicle running street tires, radials, or has been deemed by the starting staff not fit to run in the groove. If a cone has been placed in the groove in front of you, please move over to the outside of said cone and proceed with your run. DO NOT attempt to get as close as possible to the cone and/or line up at an angle to attempt to enter the groove immediately after leaving the line. Any contact with the cone and/or lining up purposely at an angle will result in being pushed off of the line and sent to the back of staging, a second infraction will result in suspension from running for the day.

Pit Vehicle Registration:  As of Feb. 2011, all pit vehicles at Division 5 and Division 4 race tracks will be required to register at time of entry.  Registration will cost $10, competitors will fill out an registration form with vehicle information, owner info, as well as authorized personnel who will be operating the vehicle.  This pass will be valid and honored at any Division 5 and 4 track and will be a once per year fee/registration.

Helmets:  Helmets are required for all motorcycles, snowmobiles, open cars (convertibles, roadsters, etc.) and all cars running 13.99 and faster.   Neck collar meeting SFI Spec 3.3 required in all open-bodied cars and any car running 9.99 and quicker or exceeding 135mph.  A head and neck restraint device/system is mandatory for any vehicle running 200mph or faster or by class requirements.

Driver apparel:  All drivers are required to wear long pants, shoes covering the toes (tennis shoe, boot, etc.) and a minimum of a t-shirt.  No shorts, tank tops, or sandals.  

Breakage or DQ: Sorry, no refunds due to breakage or disqualification.

Rain-Out Policy:
In the event a race is cancelled before any racing has started-
     Spectators and tech cards will receive 100% credit.
In the event that a race is called after time trials have started but before first round of eliminations have been completed-
     Tech cards will receive 50% credit, no refund/credit to spectators.
In the event that a race is called after 1st round of racing-
      Payout will be divided among the participants remaining in competition If a points race, points will be tallied to the last round completed.
For Test & Tune racers on bracket weekends-
      As Test & Tune is run every round same as the other classes, Test & Tune will follow the same rain out policy as other classes
      regardless of number of runs racer has made. If racer has NOT made any runs at all, they will receive 100% credit regardless of rounds
      run by main classes.
On Tintmasters Street Legal Days-
     If less then 1 hour of racing has been completed 50% credit will be issued to racers. No credit to spectators.
     If no racing has occurred 100% credit has been will be issued to spectators and racers.

All rain out credits will be issued as a spectator voucher if applicable or as a replacement tech card (tech cards do not have an expiration, can be used next race or next year).
No monetary refunds will be issued, credit only.

Time Trials/Qualifying: Wait in pits for your call to staging. We run 3 rounds of time trials (unless adjusted for weather/other issues). Time trials can be made only in the class/s a racer has entered. Ex. a Super Pro competitor can not make a time trial with Pro ET (unless he/she has signed up for both classes), he/she must only run when Super Pro is called for time trials. Quick 16 and Jr. Dragsters are the only classes who qualify during morning time trials and are laddered for first round. All other classes are random draw first round, qualified and laddered off of reaction time in first round eliminations.

E. T. Dial-In: It is your responsibility to post your dial-in on the tower side and front windshield of your entry so that the tower can easily read it, and also remember it is your responsibility to check the scoreboard for your correct dial-in before pre-staging. As soon as a driver moves there vehicle into Pre-Stage, that drive has accepted his/her dial-in and must make the pass using that dial-in. Dial-In's will NOT be changed for any driver who pre-stages but then back out before the race has started.

Dial In Note Dial-in's can NOT be changed once you have crossed the yellow line at the end of the bottle neck just before entering the burnout area.

Speed Limit: 10 mph on entire facility (except the track!)

FREE Parking: Spectators and vehicles not needed in pit area, please park on the north side of the track.

Camping Policy: For bracket weekends, camping will be provided Friday and Saturday night. Friday and Saturday night the gates will remain open to allow out of town racers access. Treat others around you with respect. Keep your area clean. No starting your race cars after 1 hour past last run of the day or before 8am. No loud music or loud generators. NO fireworks and please NO burning of pallets or wood with nails for obvious reasons!

Concessions/Souvenirs: Full concessions, Top End Dragways and NHRA souvenirs and ice are available.